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We grow microgreens, mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes and other specialty produce year-round at 7,000 feet - snow or no snow. Our farm is truly 100% natural and we validate soil and produce samples through 3rd party testing. We're soil fanatics and have a rapidly expanding commercial compost program in Summit County.

Products Overview: You'll see a wide variety of colorful and bold taste in our microgreens. Our chefs can't get enough of our Blue, Pink and Pearl Oysters, and begging us to continue our expansion so we can deliver more King Trumpet, Shiitake, Chesnut, and Lions Mane. Unlike what's available in the market, we actually grow tomatoes that taste like tomatoes! Our current focus is on heirloom varieties, but due to demand, will shortly be evaluating varieties such as San Marzano.

Certifications & Production Methods: Local Farmer Basic G.A.P. Checklist, No artificial additives (unaudited), Non-GMO

Products: Vegetables

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