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Sheep are seasonal milkers. Milk season starts in April when lamb deliveries occur and ends in late October when all the ewes dry up and are bred so the entire cycle can repeat itself on the following year. We milk European East Friesland and Lacaune dairy sheep because they produce more milk for more time then domestic breeds.

Having milk from three different animal stocks allows us to play endlessly. Since every batch is small and handmade, we can vary, create and invent every day so you get to taste your old favorites and always try new exciting varieties.

Our cave was blasted out of the side of rocky hill, poured 18” thick walls and covered back with earth after construction. The cave contains four aging rooms: Hard cheeses, washed rind, blue and soft ripened.

Direct ordering contact: Corrine 908-876-3200 ext 23,

Products Overview: Ravioli and gnocchi line stuffed with our sheep milk ricotta and cheeses, ricotta cheesecake, gelato, cultured butter, buttermilk

Products: Dairy & Soy, Meat

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