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The Green Shepherd Farm, LLC in Bovina, NY is a small, family run business raising a growing flock of hardy Finnsheep on fifty sustainably-managed acres in the western Catskills. In keeping with the fundamentals of ecological farming, we strive to conserve our vital resources, making sure we do not overburden our waters, soils and surrounding natural habitats. By maintaining the ecological balance on and around the farm, we ensure the quality of our farmland and lamb will always be the best.

Our farm is Animal Welfare Approved. This achievement underscores our commitment to good farming practices that improve the well-being of both the flock and environment, giving you a healthier and more conscientious meal.

Products Overview: Grass-fed Lamb

Certifications & Production Methods: 100% Grass Fed, Animal Welfare Approved, Halal (unaudited), Pasture Raised, USDA Approved Processing Plants (audited)

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