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The farms slogan is "Uncommonly good Pork, Beef and Lamb" The piglets are purchased from the University of Pennsylvania Swine Breeding facility where they are researching alternative farrowing systems and have adapted a European high welfare system for their sows to give birth and raise pigs in. These practices were given Global Animal Partnership (GAP) in 2011. They are a cross-breed with some "Duroc". They sell the whole or half pig, or packages with certain cuts. Special orders for different cuts can be taken. They also have bacon. The pigs are housed in in spacious, well ventilated, greenhouse style barns, with constant access to fresh air, room to run and materials that support their rooting tendencies. The cows are 100% grass fed. They are mainly Hereford and Devon mixed with some Black Angus. They graze outside unless the weather is too hot then they bring them into the barn and feed them hay. They are unwavering in their support of the humane treatment of animals. Their animals are processed under USDA Inspection in PA. All cuts are individually packaged and vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness.

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Certifications & Production Methods: 100% Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, USDA Approved Processing Plants (audited)

Products: Meat

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