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Sunny Acres Farm is a multi-generation farm located in upstate New York. The farm has been in our family since 1897, and has evolved through the years from a dairy and market crop farm in its early years to a beef and dairy goat farm during the 1970s, '80s and '90s. For a brief time, we operated the farm primarily as a market hay farm, but found that we truly missed being involved with raising animals, especially goats! In 2002, we purchased our first two Boer doelings, and welcomed their kids in January 2003...and today our herd, including breeding does, breeding bucks, and kids, numbers over 100!

During the past several years, we transitioned from Boers to Kikos. The herd now includes two purebred, registered Kiko bucks, as well as a number of purebred and percentage Kiko does and doelings. This change over was done primarily to develop a herd that can more easily handle the constant challenge of parasites in goats.

In July 2012, we purchased a group of five does and their doelings to add to our breeding herd. The does are a mix of Kiko, Spanish/Kiko, and Savannah. In August 2012, we brought in a group of purebred registered and purebred commercial Kiko doelings and a new purebred registered Kiko buckling from the "Goats Unlimited" herd in Tennessee. In September 2013, we added three purebred Pape Spanish does to the herd. The above groups of does all kidded in March 2014 and have added some interesting new bloodlines and colors to our herd! We have been very happy with the results of transitioning to Kikos and Spanish, having now seen for ourselves the increased parasite resistance in their offspring.

To help us make decisions in our breeding program, we have utilized performance testing using the program offered by Kentucky State University. The data we receive has been very helpful in choosing does and doelings to keep in our breeding herd.

Products Overview: Goat meat from goats that are on pasture without grain inputs.

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