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Hot Sauce - Smokey PadronRag & Frass FarmComing soon
Hot Sauce - Hot ChocolateRag & Frass FarmComing soon
Hot Sauce - Hot YellowRag & Frass FarmComing soon
Microgreens - Mild Micro MixRag & Frass FarmComing soon
Microgreens - Pea TendrilsRag & Frass FarmComing soon
Microgreens - Sunflower SproutsRag & Frass FarmComing soon
Microgreens - Spicy Micro MixRag & Frass FarmComing soon
Shrimp - GA wild-caught Shrimp (Frozen)MGGC: St. Catherine's Island Seafood, INCComing soon
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Orders for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday should be placed starting Monday morning and will close Tuesday night.

Orders for Sunday pickup should be placed Thursday morning and will close Friday night.

** While orders can be placed anytime, to manage inventory and make sure all of our customers have access to products we will only update inventory and approve orders after the most recent pickup is over. For accurate and complete availability PLEASE FOLLOW THE ORDERING SCHEDULE! If you order items in advance, availability will change by the time your order gets approved, so we don't recommend this unless you are flexible.

***For home delivery to Baldwin or Bibb county, please note any special delivery instructions and make sure your correct address and cell phone is listed. We can't deliver if we can't find you!

Products Overview: Certified organic fruits, veggies, herbs, eggs, and flowers plus products from the farmers of the Middle GA Growers Cooperative!

Certifications & Production Methods: Certified Organic

Producer NameDescription
MGGC: Berry Good Farm

from Tifton, GA

MGGC: Double L Ranch

from Milledgeville, GA

MGGC: Evergreen East

100% grass-fed lamb and beef.

Twiggs county, GA

MGGC: Lola's Organic Farm

from Glenwood, GA

MGGC: Marview Farm

from Arabi, GA

MGGC: Oliver Farm

from Pitts, GA

MGGC: St. Catherine's Island Seafood, INC

GA wild-caught shrimp

MGGC: The Little Farm

from Gray, GA

MGGC: Vesterfield Farm

from Cochran, GA

Pastures of Rose Creek

from the Athen's Area

Rag & Frass Farm

Certified organic veggies and flowers

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