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The Oberlin Food Hub began as a venture within the Oberlin Project in 2016 as a way to connect Oberlin-area farms and producers with wholesale customers. Today it serves more than 100 customers across Greater Cleveland, offering almost exclusively locally sourced foods, defined as within 150 miles from farm to table.

Products Overview: The Oberlin Food Hub sells almost exclusively locally sourced foods, defined as within 150 miles from farm to table. Though producers may conform to conventional or organic standards, all products are traced from the point of origin to the buyer and are labeled accordingly in the effort to maintain transparency.

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100% Grassfed

Doug Daniels' boys are now the 8th generation farming on their family land in Fredericktown, Ohio. Doug was the first generation to switch to organic, and then grassfed. His dad almost disowned him over that second choice, although it is likely why they are still in business today.

Taste the difference 100% grassfed makes!

Ag Access

Andy H's Farm

Angiuli's Farm Market

An orchard and vegetable grower based in Canfield, OH. The Angiuli's take pride in growing high-quality produce.

Autumn Harvest Farms Produce

Baker's Golden Dairy

Dairy farming goes back many generations of Baker’s. To carry on with the tradition of dairy farming, Baker’s Golden Dairy was established in 1999 by Kevin and Deb Baker.

In 2009, Kevin threw around the idea of bottling his own milk (this was a dream of his). He had many people wanting local milk but nowhere to get it. They wanted “Milk like it used to be,” Non-homogenized and unpasteurized. But in the State of Ohio, you cannot sell unpasteurized milk unless you own a cow through a herd share program.

As Kevin’s kids grew up, they wanted to stay on the farm and take part. That made Kevin start thinking even harder… he had to do something to allow for his kids to come back to the farm. Especially after his daughter Kasey decided to go to OSU ATI for Dairy Management and Production. After doing much research on the “big plan,” he figured he would give it a try.

In 2010, the ground was broke and the building was started. It wasn’t too long after that Kevin got a phone call from a friend who had found a dairy setup over in Pennsylvania for sale. He contacted the guy and we sent a semi-truck over. They unhooked the equipment and brought it home. After laying out the setup, it was put together. We worked with the State inspectors regularly to make sure everything was approved.

After many trial runs, Baker’s Golden Dairy received their Grade A milk license on July 9th, 2011!! This was our first official day open. We did it!!

Today, Baker’s Golden Dairy can be found in over 55 local stores and growing more and more every year!

Currently, there are 4 generations of Baker’s working on the dairy farm today and since have expanded our line of dairy products. We added ice cream in 2016 and in 2017 we introduced our line of drinkable yogurt!! We are looking into adding more dairy products to come... as always, we are open to any suggestions you may have!

Balance Aquaponic Farms

Basil & Maple Homestead

Bauman Orchards

Rittman, Ohio

Black River Organics

Bold Pickens

Pickle company specializing in unusual flavors

Brenneman's Honey Farm

Broadcap Farm

Broadcap is brand new and full of flavor. These gourmet mushroom growers are focused on shiitake but have lots of other mushroom projects cookin. Based out of a family orchid greenhouse retrofitted to be a perfectly suited mushroom habitat, Broadcap is hungry for lots of local connections. Come try some mushrooms!

Camp Road Farm

60 acres of fields and growing, Camp Road Farm is among the largest growers of produce in the region, supplying numerous businesses in North East Ohio, including many in Oberlin. At just 34 years old, Camp Road Farm's owner is among the leaders of sustainable agriculture in the region.

Cleveland Bagel Company

Our mission is to make something really great to eat. For us, that means making a really great, Cleveland-style bagel.

We’re inventing it, so we get to define it. For us, a Cleveland-style bagel is an old world style bagel that was carefully researched to recreate what a bagel used to be. Not too dough-y, not too sweet, Cleveland Bagel Co. bagels are smaller, full of flavor, chewy, with a crisp exterior that we’ve spent countless hours perfecting.

Cleveland Tofu

Dedicated to bringing you the finest hand-made tofu you can find.

Cooper Farms

Cooper Farms is a diversified farm and food company based in Northwest and West Central Ohio, an area rich in agricultural tradition. Born and raised in the area, the Cooper family has strengthened existing relationships and made new ones, deepening their roots and growing their father’s business.

Today, raising turkeys, hogs and laying hens is only half of the business. Vertical integration has allowed us to monitor quality throughout our processes, ensuring our customers are receiving the highest quality products possible. This includes taking a hands-on approach to overseeing the day-to-day care of our animals, as well as manufacturing the feed that keeps them healthy and strong.

Quality extends to our food processing plants, where all of our high-quality meats are produced and packaged. At Cooper Farms, our path to innovation is never ending and ever-changing. We are constantly striving to maintain a flexible business model to consistently meet our customer’s needs.


Dan & Dan are company founders of DanSoap. They are located in Lakewood, Ohio. They are committed to a cleaner world!


Ying Grassao grew up in Shanghai watching her father make rice wine. During one of her father’s visits to Cleveland many years later, she finally learned the craft from him and has continued the tradition ever since. With a PhD in Cell Biology under her belt and the perfect skill set for fine-tuning tricky biological processes, she started to experiment with fermentation conditions and gradually modified the recipe to produce a non-alcoholic drink suitable for children and adults alike.

Manufactured in Cleveland Heights, DaoLu is an all-natural, fermented rice beverage that has a refreshingly sweet and umami taste, with no added sugar.

The beverage market is experiencing an explosion of fermented drinks such kombucha and kefir. Unlike kombucha, which uses added sugar for fermentation, DaoLu fermentation starts from just rice. In addition, DaoLu comes without the vinegar-like taste of other fermented drinks. We produce a healthy and tasty beverage made from a natural process which imparts a genuine savory sweetness vastly different from that of added sugars or sweeteners.

Dillon Fruit Farm


Dough Go's

Dough Go’s is a family owned and operated business located in Canton, Ohio. We offer delicious pizza, bread and cookie dough to NorthEast Ohio.

Drift Hills Farm

Drift Hills Farm

Specialty items

Elk Creek Honey Farm

Beekeepers Tim and Renee harvest raw honey and make other honey products. Their honey-based products include herbal and flavored honeys, as well as cosmetics and other beeswax products.

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange's mission is to build long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers and to demonstrate, through our success, the contribution of worker co-operatives and Fair Trade to a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world.

Erie Shore Seed and Spore

The Krystowski family, growing non certified organic gourmet mushrooms and microgreens in Vermilion, Ohio.

Eshleman Farm

FairView Meadows Farm

Fair View Meadow Farm is a 65-acre, four-generation, family-owned, grassfed farm, nestled in the countryside outside of historic Wellington, Ohio. We specialize in high-quality grassfed meat and other natural and organic products. Fair View Meadow Farm is run by Nathan Joppeck, his wife Jessica, and their children Owen, Westen, & Ivy. Nathan's parents, John & Louise, also play a significant role on the farm. Nathan's brother and sister-in-law, Chad & Laura, and their 2 kids help occasionally as needed.​
Nathan is a 2005 graduate the Polyface Farm Apprenticeship Program. Polyface Farm has been at the forefront of grass-based farming for 40+ years. Nathan's apprenticeship consisted of a year learning the art and science of grassfed farming under the tutelage of Joel and the Salatin family.

Field Fresh Farm

Field Fresh Farm is a small-acreage family-business farm located just a short drive from Jefferson. We grow a high quality of seasonal vegetables using sustainable agriculture practices.We employ and mentor local youth to plant the garden, manage the process and to harvest what we have grown.

Free Leafy Greens

Fresh Forward Farms

Fresh Forward is a family farm cooperative that represents independent farmers who grow apples and other fresh market produce across the Great Lakes region.

Garden of Flavor

Garden of Flavor was started by Lisa Reed in 2011 after she began developing juice recipes out of her home and invited her neighbors to provide feedback on her creations. Word quickly spread that she was onto something because soon, she could not keep up with demand.

In 2012, Lisa moved her business to a small facility in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and the juice bar was born. At this new location, she was able to perfect many of her recipes that are still in use today. Using her extensive wellness training, Lisa has been able to create different juice recipes to treat many health ailments that have been requested by customers. Local grocery retailers began to take notice that Garden of Flavor had become too popular to ignore.

Today, Garden of Flavor continues to juice fresh organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and berries daily inside its own refrigerated, GFSI certified facility. Customers are still encouraged to reach out to ask Lisa for advise or to learn what’s new. Lisa personally tastes every batch of juice to be sure it meets her very high standards, and is worthy of the Garden of Flavor label. Lisa and her team look forward to juicing for you for many years to come!

George Jones Farm

Located about one mile from downtown Oberlin, the 70-acre Jones Farm is an innovative educational site with an abundance of resources and activities for students and the greater community. Focused on workforce development, our aim is to prepare our students to enter the field of agriculture and to inspire young people to consider farming as a career. With the average age of the American farmer approaching 60, we believe fully in the need and importance of our work.

Named after beloved Oberlin College botanist George Jones, the Memorial Farm is a haven for native plants and a diverse range of wildlife. With a focus on restoration agriculture, our techniques are designed to build soil and create healthier, more nutritious crops. Our partnership with Oberlin College allows us to accept food waste from campus dining halls, while providing local food back to students. We utilize conventional organic and inventive methods for cultivation. Along with annual row crops, we have incorporated perennial systems (perennial rows, food forest, medicine trails), high tunnel hoop houses, rotational systems, fruit and nut cultivation, and maple syrup production. We house a range of livestock at any given time including pigs, chickens, ducks, fish, worms, and bees.

Gourmet Firehouse Salsa

Avon Lake, Ohio

Great Lakes Growers

Our mission at Great Lakes Growers is simple: To provide the absolute cleanest, freshest, locally grown produce in the Midwest. We do not strive to follow best practices, our goal is to set the standard for what “Fresh” means. We use no chemical pesticides or herbicides in our processes and are committed to providing the safest produce to our customers.

We take great pride in what we do here at Great Lakes Growers and central to that belief are the people who run our operation. All of our employees live where they work and are members of our immediate communities. We have maintained a third party audited food safety rating of 99% on our facilities and people for the last 3 years!

Green City Growers

Green City Growers produces tasty, nutrient-rich, pesticide-free produce year-round. Capitalizing on our custom built, state-of-the art greenhouse, we produce millions of heads of lettuce and specialty greens and hundreds of thousands of pounds of herbs and micro-greens every year.

Green Field Farms

Green Field Farms, a farmer owned co-op, was established in 2003 to assist in the revitalization of our culture's rich farming history. Our small family farms have been growing organic and nutrient dense food for centuries. Each of our producers follow strict guidelines and common principles that reach beyond FDA regulations. We firmly believe in continuing our old-world tradition of providing healthy, nourishing food, for our family and yours. The Green Field Farms certification seal guarantees this product was produced to our specifications by Amish and conservative Mennonite farmers that use horse and buggy for transportation.

Grobe Fruit Farm

This family-run farm has an abundance of apples and also provides the Hub with delicious and fresh corn on the cob!


Hartzler Family Dairy

Hartzler Family Dairy - Farming as nature intended. Hartzler currently procures milk from three local dairy farms, all located within 15 miles of our processing plant in Wooster, OH. These farms are Hartz-Way Farm where they currently milk 120 cows, A to Z Farm who is milking 50 cows and Steinline Farm who currently milks 30 cows. Hartzler Family Dairy uses Low-Temperature Vat Pasteurization. This ensures our milk retains a majority of it's enzymes, which are crucial for proper digestion and good health.

Health Junkie

Northfield, Ohio

Holistic Acres

Holmes Mouth Watering


Huffman's Farm



Hummus producer in Wooster, Ohio

Killik Hot Sauce Company

Mike Killik and his team use all natural ingredients and ferment them to give our hot sauces a unique and flavorful taste with only a fraction of the sodium other hot sauces have. They are vegan, gluten-free and preservative-free. Veteran-owned.

Lake Erie Creamery

With its establishment in 2006, Lake Erie Creamery became the first licensed artisan cheese maker in the state of Ohio. In 2013 the creamery was purchased by Brian Moran. Through his stewardship the creamery has expanded its line of cheese products and significantly increased the retail footprint of LEC.

Brian’s background is in horticulture, spending more than 20 years as a landscape designer and gardener. Looking for an alternative occupation that would be equally creative and challenging he discovered cheese making. Brian worked under the original owners of LEC, learning how to make their cheeses, and he also took a number of courses at the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese. However, the majority of his experience has come from the best teacher of all - making cheese.

Lettuce Heads Farm



Lopaus Point Waffles

Lopaus Point uses thoughtfully selected ingredients. We use only whole, organic fruit to lightly sweeten our batters. You can enjoy a hint of sweetness packed with whole fruit nutrition. You won't find any sugar or fruit juice concentrates in our pantry! Our grains are like us, a little complex. organic quinoa, almond flour, organic golden flax and brown rice flour make our waffles more satisfying and nutritious. We use the same ingredients you would find in your pantry. Enjoy a homemade tasting waffle with the convenience of toast, top & serve!

Marchant Manor Cheese

In July of 2018, Kandace's cheese production started at Paint Valley Farms in Stark County, using the rich Guernsey cow milk. Making her bloomy rind cheeses was a time-consuming process, requiring two full days and in the middle of the night visits to the facility to tend to the cheeses. She continued making her cheeses with the hopes of eventually opening her own local cheese shop and production facility, not only alleviating the weekend commutes down to the Dairy, but also giving customers an understanding of how artisan cheese is produced.

In 2019, Kandice signed the lease for the space in Cleveland Heights at 2211 Lee Road. Ever evolving, Kandice continues to test different recipes drawing on a myriad of flavor profiles.

Meadow Creek Farms

Meadow Creek Farms

Certified Organic

8064 Parkman Mespo Rd
Middlefield, OH 44062

Medina Creative Produce

Medina Creative Produce provides vocational training for students from Medina County School Districts and adults with physical and developmental disabilities, many whom are residents of Medina Creative Housing. Workers develop skills such as cultivating, harvesting and marketing locally grown, nutrient rich Butter Bibb and Romaine lettuce, arugula, kale, swiss chard and more! Our hydroponic greenhouse is fully handicapped accessible to accommodate the broad spectrum of individuals with disabilities that we serve. The greenhouse is built adjacent to Medina Creative Living.

Menno Keim

Middlefield Cheese


Miller Orchards

Miller Orchards is a family-owned fruit farm, in business for more than 4 generations. At Miller Orchards, we value the integrity that has been passed down through the generations and we provide quality produce at an honest price in a family atmosphere. From simple beginnings in the 1800’s, to the first Miller Orchards retail operation in the early 1960s, the family tradition is carried on today by David and Roger Miller and their families.

Minerva Dairy

At Minerva Dairy, we don’t JUST make butter…we eat, sleep, and dream butter! We make better butter because we’re better at making butter. It would be hard not to after 125 years! We’re all still living by Grandma Lorraine’s adage, “There’s not much in life that can’t be made better with butter.”

Moores Heritage Farm

We proudly raise our livestock on pasture, the animals' natural environment, where they have shelter from the elements but the ability to express themselves naturally. Our poultry (Chickens, Turkeys, and Ducks) receives an entirely non-GMO feed. Our sheep are 100% grass fed and finished on pasture most of the year and supplemented with hay when weather conditions do not permit grazing. Our pigs are raised on pasture and woods. We feel that farming is our true calling and we are committed to producing only sustainable and ethically raised livestock.

Moreland Fruit Farm

Abe and Emanuel recently took over this large fruit and vegetable growing operation.

Morning Side Farm

George was a commercial artist in his younger days, but he turned to organic farming to fulfill a desire to be a sustainable member of the community. Selling a variety of vegetables from beets to celery, Morning Side is dedicated to fresh, delicious produce.

Na*Kyrsie Meats

Local, Ohio-raised and seam-butchered meats, artisan style charcuterie and salumi.


Operating out of the Cleveland Central Kitchen, NOMaste makes raw, vegan, gluten-free, paleo cheesecakes.

NORKA Beverages Company

NORKA (Akron spelled backwards) produces small-batch cane sugar soft drinks in Akron, Ohio, served in glass bottles.

Oberlin Food Hub

A regional aggregator and distributor of local food, Oberlin Food Hub was founded in 2016 and seeks to grow our regions local foods infrastructure.

Ohio City Pasta

Old Brooklyn Cheese Company

Founded in 2016 by Michael Januska. Our company is proud to be part of Old Brooklyn, Cleveland Ohio’s largest neighborhood, along with nearby destinations like the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, b.a. Sweetie Candy Company & A Christmas Story House. We produce quality seasonal raw milk cheese. Hartzler Family Dairy in Wooster, OH, supplies us with Non-GMO certified milk for our raw milk cheeses from when the cows go out to graze in the spring until the end of the season in Sept/Oct. All of our cheeses are aged for a minimum of 90 days.

Ol' Dirty Sheets

Wooster, Ohio

Our F.A.M.I.L.Y. Fresh Food Cooperative

Our F.A.M.I.L.Y.’s vision is to provide
opportunities for people to grow food for themselves and for donation, increase their healthy activity, get to know their neighbors, learn from each other, and
create a productive and beautiful commons.

Paint Valley Farms Creamery

Paint Valley Farms produces local dairy products that are not homogenized and minimally pasteurized. They make delicious chevre and other cheese products.

Peaceful Fruits

A certified B-Corp based in Cleveland, Ohio, Peaceful Fruits makes certified organic fruit snacks, turning sustainably and ethically grown fruit from around the globe into delicious, gluten-free fruit snacks. The manufacturing process provides full-wage employment to adults with disabilities.

Pleasant Valley Poultry

Pleasant Valley Poultry is an Amish Family owned and operated poultry farm where we produce non GMO Pasture raised Chicken,Duck,Turkey,Geese and many other products like Guinea,Pheasant, Quail and rabbit. All are processed in our on farm USDA Processing facility and sold in our on farm retail store. We produce Whole, Parts, Poultry Sausages and many other products.

Polter's Berry Farm

Pope's Kitchen

Hot sauce

Quarry Hill Orchards

This family-owned orchard grows a wide variety of fruits, including pears, cherries, peaches, and many types of apples. The Gammie family also supports a farm-to-school program to educate children about food and nutrition.

Randy's Pickles

Hand-crafted in Cleveland, Ohio, Randy's Pickles takes ingredients seriously. We use all-natural products and preservatives. Our recipes are our take on the traditional pickle and with some of our recipes, we kick the notch up and add peppers and spices to make some of our best sellers - our spicy pickles and our hot pickles. Each jar is carefully hand packed in Cleveland, Ohio in a professional kitchen to ensure that you get the best possible pickle -- an exceptional pickle.

Raymond Yoder Jr

Raymond runs a 16 acre organic farm with lots of cold weather crops, plus tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and more. Additionally they grow blueberries and have an on-farm processing kitchen where they make sauerkraut!

Richards Maple Products

Chardon, Ohio

Richland Gro-Op

The Richland Gro-op (RGO) is a cooperative of urban and rural farmers in Richland County, Ohio, that grows and sells vegetables year-round to local restaurants, institutions and consumers. By crop planning and marketing produce collectively, RGO members aim to improve the economic viability of urban agriculture in Mansfield and increase the supply of locally produced, high-quality vegetables in the region. RGO grows over 10 different types of vegetables and delivers year-round throughout the Mansfield and Central Ohio region

Riehm Farms

Tiffin Ohio

Roy & Ella Shrock


Runcible Spoon


Schmittuz Gardens

A century ago, George Schmittuz started growing vegetables on a small farm at the outskirts of the city. Established in 1914, Schmittuz Gardens is located at 2017 Port Clinton Rd in Fremont, OH - Sandusky County and deals in Ornamental Greenhouses products and acres of produce.

Shagbark Seed Mill

Michelle sees Shagbark Mill's work as deeply connected to supporting those affected by "fossil fuels such as marginalized populations, people of color, and multigenerational appalachians." Michelle and Brandon started Shagbark with the goal to offer affordable, local, nutritious and organic beans and grains. Shagbark was founded to fill the void for a local mill in Southeast Ohio. Now, Shagbark cleans, mills and bags the local grains and beans fresh for each customer.

Shared Legacy Farm

At Shared Legacy Farms, we know you care about where your food comes from. It’s not just about great tasting vegetables. You want to know how your food was grown and feel good about how it got to your table.

Sidekicks Salsa

Sidekicks Salsa was a total fluke started by us: best friends Danny Soza & Jessie Green. In the summer of 2014, we were asked to compete in the local chef Salsa Smackdown for Countryside Conservancy Farmers Market in Peninsula, Ohio and WON!!

All of our salsas are citrus based, all natural, non gmo (certification in progress), low sodium, vegan, no added sugars, and gluten free. We do not use any gums or fillers and only naturally derived citric acid.

Single Speed Baking

Baking is a process best served slow. Using the finest organic ingredients SSB crafts local breads and fruitcakes for your delight.

SNAP Gourmet Foods

Majority Partners and Founders Jason Chamoun, Allan Lam, and Lincoln Yee founded Snap Gourmet Foods in the heart of the pandemic in 2020 to create an Oasis in the middle of a food desert in Cleveland.

Snap Gourmet Foods chief mission is to be a leader in healthy, quality packaged meal solutions.

Stone Oven Wholesale Bakery

Stone Oven Wholesale Bakery is a family-owned Cleveland-based wholesaler of artisan bread products. Every day our artisan bakers make hundreds of baguettes, loaves, rolls, sandwich buns and hoagies.

Stutzman Farms

With a focus on local and organic farming, Stutzman farms produces certified organic flours and oats with an on-site mill. They have gluten-free options and are committed to healthy foods.

Sunny Meadow Meats

Sunsational Farm

Sunflower Oil

Surreal Creme

Artisanal small-batch ice cream made in Oberlin Ohio

Tea Hills Farms

Terry the Pizza Bagel Lady

The Pizza Bagel Lady has been popular at the West Side Market since it was founded in 2005, and is most famous for Cleveland’s Pizza Bagel. They carry pizza supplies, including their own certified organic dough, sauces, and pizza kits. Enjoy their signature sandwiches as a hot lunch during your visit, or try a hot-topped pizza bagel built to suit your taste.

Now these great Cleveland products are made with locally sourced organic whole wheat flour.

That Guy's Family Farm

The Brinery

the Dairy Free Company

Co-packed by Cleveland Central Kitchen, the Dairy Free Company makes plant-based dips, spreads and toppings designed not to substitute for dairy products, but stand alone as delicious spreads in their own right. Their products are plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and certified GMO-free.

The Madhouse Vinegar Company

The Proper Pig Smokehouse LLC

Three Willows Farm

A small family farm in North Ridgeville, Ohio. It is our passion to bring customers quality products made from the freshest ingredients possible! Many of our products are grown right here at our farm. If we cannot grow them, they are sourced as locally as possible to make sure we are supporting the community we live in!

Timeless Seeds

Though Montana is a little ways outside of the Oberlin Food Hub's hyperlocal range, we are so excited to partner with Timeless Natural Foods! A cooperative of certified organic family farms in Montana is regeneratively growing heirloom pulse crops and grains as a cover crop to build soil fertility, decrease erosion, and eliminate dependance on chemical inputs. Chickpeas and lentils do not grow in our rainy climate but act as an excellent source of plant-based lean protein. For a truly resilient sustainable food system, we need time-tested staples -- so look no further than Timeless!

Union Market Garden

Urban Stead Cheese

Urban Stead is an urban cheese company. What does that mean? Well, our Cincinnati cheese is so fresh you’d think we sourced cows from our parking lot (we don’t, by the way). Our cheese making and cheese selling shop in East Walnut Hills/Evanston is about the artistry, the community, and the delicious pairings associated with delightful, delectable cheese.
Stop by and you’ll find IPAs and aged cheddar, Sauvignon Blanc and quark, good people and pimento cheese. If it’s perfect pairs you want, you’ll find them here.

Valley City Fungi

John, a self-taught fungiculturist, grows several varieties of organic Shiitake and oyster mushrooms, along with other types of gourmet fungi. These are all grown in his incredible self-built farm, made from shipping containers.

Velvet-View Farmstead

Velvet-View Farms, located in the scenic hills of western Holmes County, Ohio, is owned and operated by the Schlauch family. Aaron and Brandi, Aaron’s father, David, and sons Logan and Wyatt milk 70 cows in Big Prairie, Ohio.

The area now known as Velvet-View Farms was first established as a land grant, signed by President James Madison in 1817. The land had changed hands many times before being purchased by the Schlauch family in 1948.

Being a small farm is important to the Schlauch’s. “I couldn’t imagine milking one of those thousand-cow herds,” said Aaron, a third-generation dairy farmer. “To me, it’s the personal contact with the animals and the breeding of superior cattle that makes farming interesting.”

The cows are the heart of the operation at Velvet-View Farms. Black and white as well as red and white Holsteins are milked three times a day on the farm, and each of the ‘ladies’ have names – just ask Wyatt. On average, each cow at Velvet-View produces about 25,000 pounds of milk per year – that’s almost 3,000 gallons!

A look at our farm will show you how much we value our wholesome, farm-fresh yogurt. Our milk only moves 17 feet from the cow to the container, and is free of additives and preservatives. With new flavored and Greek yogurts, as well as our original plain yogurt, on store shelves, we’re happier than ever to provide fresh, farmstead yogurt from our family to yours.

Vigeo Gardens




Viridian Farms

When expertise in growing meets market demand, you get a mighty fine mushroom.

Wake Robin Fermented Foods

Wayward Seed Farm

At Wayward Seed, we strive to be an example of Ohio at its best. We're passionate about selecting the vegetable varieties that not only promote Ohio's farming heritage, but bring the very best flavor to your table.

The Wayward Seed Farm utilizes three main farming principles: raised beds, composting and proper crop rotation. Plants are given a healthy foliar feeding program of seaweed, fish emulsion and humus. To maintain a healthy balance, we apply various rock powders, cover crops and aged compost throughout the year.

Weaver's Truck Patch

This Amish family farm based in Fredericksburg, OH grows a wide variety of produce on roughly 50 acres. They use season extension techniques to have early spring and late fall offerings.

Whoa Dough

Whoa Dough is the amazing gluten free, plant based, non-gmo, dairy free, egg free, soy free, no artificial flavor having, protein delivering, happy-inducing, craving crushing, health- conscious cookie dough bar! And, YES, they’re VEGAN. Learn more about their brand at #WhoaDough

William Yoder

2628 S Kansas Rd
Apple Creek, OH

Yoder Farm


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