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I have spent my entire professional career in the Travel & Hospitality Industry. Leisure activities included anything that was outdoors and required physical activity. I also love to cook, but I never liked to bake. Not only because of how precise you have to be to bake, but because the end product wasn’t anything that fit into a healthy active lifestyle. So how then did I end up starting a business that requires me to bake every day, you ask?
Well, I met a man, fell in love, and in a few years, I realized that he had an addiction! An addiction to Whoopie Pies! Being a health conscious person, I realized that something had to be done! I offered to bake an alternative that he would eat in their place. When he suggested Oatmeal Cookies, I set out to make the healthiest Oatmeal Cookie possible. That 2 year effort led to the creation of my O.A.T. Fruit Filled Crumb Tarts: Sophisticated Artisanal Treats containing 12G Protein, 45G Whole Grains. Gluten-Free & Vegan. A satisfying and smart reason to skip other sweet treats and desserts that lack health benefits.
To live in Maine, I believe that you have to love nature and the outdoors. You also need to eat foods that fuel your body, keep you healthy, and provide you with sustainable energy. However, what happens to us all, is that best intended plans to maintain a healthy diet are sabotaged because of our daily craving for something sweet! Now, no matter what time it is, I know that my family is getting the very best nutrition to satisfy sweet treat cravings. O.A.T. Fruit Filled Crumb Tarts are our Grab-n-Go meal/snack that keeps us satisfied, while fueling our body with nothing but healthful ingredients!

I want to share my Wholegrain O.A.T. Baking Mixes with everyone, so that they too can discover that you truly can "Treat Yourself to Good Health" - anytime!

Products Overview: Wholegrain O.A.T. Baking Mixes How is our flour different? Our Main(e) ingredient is 100% Whole Grain Steel-Cut Oats. They are rough cut, and are a plus for digestive health, containing more fiber per serving. The major advantage is that Steel Cuts Oats take longer to digest, keeping you fuller longer, and supporting a stable blood sugar. Our O.A.T. Blend is freshly milled to offer higher nutritional value. Our O.A.T. Blend goal is to help keep life simple and healthy. When you BUY it, be sure TRY it upon receipt!

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