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Peas - Rat Tail RadishesShoua Lee's GardenAvailable beginning of June until end of August
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We will open in June for the 2019 season.
Please check our website for off-season buying options:

This year we have lots of local farmers ready to grow healthy, local, fresh food for you! We have improved our service with 9 convenient local drop sites to pick up your food (Stark, Isanti, North Branch, Cambridge, Wyoming, Taylor's Falls, Center City)! Order weekly online Saturday through Wednesday and pick up orders on Friday.

The North Circle Online Farmers Market consists of multiple small local farms surrounding the North Branch Area. Our farms offer a wide variety of sustainably grown, chemical-free, fresh produce. We have joined together in this effort to offer an easy and convenient way for you to find your favorite local farm favorites.

If you have questions, please check out our website:

Products Overview: We have a wide selection of Organic and transitional organic produce from multiple farms in the North Branch area and surrounding communities.

Certifications & Production Methods: Cage Free/Free Roaming/Crate Free, Certified Organic, IPM, Nitrate Free, No artificial additives (unaudited), Non-GMO, Organic Feed, Pesticide-Free, Processing on Farm, The Farmer's Pledge

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Amador Hill Farm and Orchard

Beulah Land Farms

Bone Lake Meadows Apiary

Clover Bee Farm

Eichten's Hidden Acres

Eichten's cheeses are all natural , with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
Eichten's cheese is produced on our family farm in Center City from rGBH pasteurized cow's milk. We add no coloring, artificial flavors, preservatives or GMO rennet (our milk contains no growth hormones, antibiotics or rBGH). We are supplied a quality grade A milk from four local farms with grass fed cows. Our product is classified
as natural cheese.

Evermore Farm

Ferris Family Farm

For the Love of Dandelions

Fresh Starts Farm

Garden Magic

Garden Magic is a family of farmers and crew located in Isanti, MN. Farmer John stewards the land, and has for 30 years. In this time, the soil has been enriched with organic matter, minerals, micro-life supplements and love. We value working in cooperation with nature, and people. Together we grow


Kelsey Love, Almalund, MN

Heirloomista is a woman owned and run business. The farm was born from the curiosity of how and why food comes to be. Naturally, it started with a seed and a few years later Kelsey was in business. With her background in biodynamic farming and horticulture, she uses both biodynamic and organic principles on her 5 acre farm. Producing beautiful, high vitality, high quality food is what she does. Her specialty is heirloom tomatoes but she grows a diverse spread of herbs, vegetables and flowers. Kelsey loves pollinators, seed saving and making value added products with what her farm yields. She is new to the food hub this year and looking forward to her first season as a hub farmer.

Love Thy Neighbor Farm

Naples Acres

Nelson Grass Farm

Ryan and Desiree Nelson, Nelson Grass Farm, Ogilvie, MN

We started farming our own farm in 2012, 76 acres of open pastures, woods and lowlands. We farm from the soil up. What does that mean? We take great pride in regenerating our soil to grow nutritious food for our animals. Our meat and egg products are then nutrient dense as well. How do we do this? We raise chickens, laying hens, turkeys, pigs and rabbits on pasture during Minnesota’s growing season. We rotate our animals in temporary electric fence and/or in movable shelters out on pasture. Our broiler chickens are moved every day to fresh pasture, our hens are moved twice a week to fresh pasture. We feed transitional organic, no soy feed to our omnivores that is freshly ground at a local feed mill before being delivered to our farm. As our animals move around the farm, they are fertilizing our soils and life on the farm continues to diversify. This year we will have eggs, whole and pieced out chickens and possibly whole or pieced rabbit available. Our laying hens are AWA certified, Animal Welfare Approved, and we are audited annually.

North Circle Food Hub Farmers

Northwood Mushrooms

Rita's Gardens

Rita Kennedy - Hinckley, MN
I have been specializing in cut flowers for over 20 years. My vegetables and flowers are organically grown. I enjoy experimenting with new varieties to find the most beautiful flowers with longest vase life.

Shoua Lee's Garden

Sunnyside Farm

Sunrise Flour Mill

Tim's Timber & Sugarbush

Walstrom Farm

White Pine Berry Farm

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