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$100/month - 1st Month Free

All FarmersWeb features. Optional add-on features.


Quickbooks Add-On + $10.00/month

Allows seamless integration to sync invoices, customers and payments between FarmersWeb and Quickbooks Online.

Exclusive Products Add-On + $10.00/month

Create products only select buyer(s) can see

Lot Numbers Add-On + $25.00/month

Create lot numbers and use a traceability system to track products from farm to buyer

Shared Inventory Add-On + $15.00/month

List multiple case sizes of a product for sale and have sales pull from one shared inventory

Customized Invoices Add-On + $10.00/month

Customizable invoices & packing slips

Crop Planning Integration Add-On + $25.00/month

Integration with Crop Planning Software

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