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Migliorelli Farm is a family-run fruit and vegetable farm located in Northern Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley Region of New York. Originating in the Bronx in 1933 when Angelo Migliorelli first planted the broccoli raab seeds he brought over from Lazio, Italy, Migliorelli Farm is now run by the family's fourth generation, growing over 130 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, including the same strain of native Italian broccoli raab.

In 1998, Ken Migliorelli sold all developing rights of his farm to be protected through a Scenic Hudson conservation easement to remain farmland forever and provide scenic beauty and wholesome food.

All produce from Migliorelli is less than 24 hours young from harvest to point of sale. Modeled after the European Good Agriculture Practice System, Migliorelli's Integrated Pest Management System drastically reduces the health risks and exposure to pesticides by utilizing Decision Support Systems from crop rotation, planting, pest control, and worker safety protection.

Migliorelli'€™s delicious apple cider is UV treated to eliminate pathogens while preserving vitamins and flavor. All other food processing on the farm is guided by HAACP. Migliorelli Farm sources to an array of reputable restaurants and caterers in the region and its quality produce has been featured in New York Magazine, The New York Times, and Time Out New York.

Products Overview: Orchard fruit, cider, vegetables

Certifications & Production Methods: IPM, Quality Low Input Food Guidelines

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