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Situated on the Northeast border of Mecox Bay and the northern end of Swan Creek on New York'€™s eastern Long Island, Mecox Bay Dairy began operations in 2003. It is where 4th generation farmers Art and Stacy Ludlow and their sons, Peter and John, produce artisanal cheeses from their small herd of Jersey cows.

Cows are pasture raised and fed a combination of fresh grass, hay, grain, and fresh open pollinated corn and field pees that are grown on the farm by Art's eldest son. Since the cows' diet changes from season to season, the flavor of each batch of cheese varies slightly and the unique flavors of the cheeses also have hints of the rich soil, ocean and bay breezes. Mecox Bay Dairy is known for its six different aromatic and flavorful cheeses, including a washed rind tome cheese, a natural rind tome cheese, a soft ripened white-gray rind cheese, and a gruyere style cheese. Mecox's raw milk cheeses are aged for at least 61 days, and no chemicals are used anywhere on the farm or during the cheese-making process.

The farm supports sustainable methods, including rotational grazing, composting, and naturally raising all farm animals.

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Certifications & Production Methods: Cheeses aged for 60+ days, No artificial additives (unaudited)

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