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Master Blend Family Farms is small agricultural operation established on November 11th, 2012 in Kenansville, NC by 3 E International LLC. We strive to be number one in swine herd genetics for NC. We breed pasture raised pigs & grow a variety of fresh produce. We strive to become a leading producer of pork products free of steroids & growth hormones while protecting the environment. Additionally fresh cabbages, watermelon, & other produce are seasonally available. Our farm and staff are Safe Farm Certified, TQA (Truck Quality Assurance), PQA (Pork Quality Assurance), & AWA (Animal Welfare Approved), as well as other certifications and achievements

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We raised all natural pork products and breeding stock. We have layer hens in which we sell fresh eggs. Throughout the year, we also have some sweet corn, collard, watermelon & other produce available.

Products Overview: Certified All Natural Premium Cuts: bulk sausage, fresh link sausage, chops ribs, Boston Butts. Farm fresh produce.

Certifications & Production Methods: Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Naturally Grown, HACCP, Pasture Raised, Processing at USDA Facility

Products: Vegetables, Fruit, Eggs, Meat

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