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We are multigenerational farmers from Greece and raise our animals with love as we have been taught in our family for hundreds of years.

Our cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens are raised on our family farm in Riverhead, and butchered at a local USDA facility. We offer Angus beef, Berkshire pork, chicken, lamb, and goat. Our animals are pastured, and grass fed. We also offer several types of chicken eggs, including those from Americana chickens who make eggs with green shells.

•We cure our own meats, produce our own sausages and prepare our food according to family recipes handed down for generations.

Products Overview: Our cured sausages and our smoke bacon.

Certifications & Production Methods: 100% Grass Fed, Cage Free/Free Roaming/Crate Free, Grass Fed, Grain Finished, No artificial additives (unaudited), Pasture Raised

Products: Eggs, Meat

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