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J. Glebocki Farms is owned and operated by John Glebocki, a fifth generation farmer in the 'Black Dirt' region of Orange County, New York. This region has some of the most fertile soil in the country, rich in nutrients and jet-black in appearance. J. Glebocki Farms takes advantage of this resource by growing a wide variety of vegetables and specialty crops.

Farmer John prides himself on offering conventionally grown produce that is both delicious and affordable, and product handling and safe growing practices are priorities at the farm, which is USDA GAP Food Safety Certified.

Although all his vegetables are tasty, the onions from the Black Dirt region are something of a specialty. These onions have as much sugar as the sweeter Vidalias or Walla Wallas, but much less water, which means they caramelize quicker and stay firmer longer after roasting. The high sulfur content of the Black Dirt soil increases the pyruvic acid content, producing the spiciest and most flavorful onions on the market.

Products Overview: onions, other produce

Certifications & Production Methods: USDA Gap Food Safety Certified

Products: Vegetables

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