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We are a Dairy Farmer Partnership dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Hudson River Valley and promoting it as one of the premier food regions of the United States.

All of our milk is produced on Hudson Valley Fresh farms located in Dutchess, Columbia and Ulster Counties in New York State. All farms are within 20 miles of each other. We process all of our milk at Boice Brothers Dairy in Kingston, New York. Our milk is the only milk they process and we never co-mingle our milk with milk from any other farm. That ensures taste and quality. Our farms have won awards for the quality of their products like the National Dairy Quality Award and NYS Environmental Stewardship Award.

A varied diet makes happier cows and better tasting milk, and HVF cows get fed a combination of alfalfa, oats, barley, soybeans, corn silage and lots and lots of hay. Large commercial farms often give less hay as it is costly to produce and requires more labor to distribute. A diet rich in hay is better for a cow’s immune system. It and the combined healthy act of chewing means more omega-3 fatty acids in the milk, and a better ratio between omega 3 and 6, providing a better overall quality cream.

The presence of Somatic cells (white blood cells) are an indication of infection and bacteria in milk. The federal government’s legal limit on bulk milk is 750,000 cells per milliliter [mm] – most industrial AND organic dairy farms have an average of 420,000 cells per milliliter. The somatic cell count of every one of Hudson Valley Fresh’s farms is under 200,000 per mm at all times. This all means that we offer far cleaner milk than you will find anywhere else. And the lower the somatic cell count, the better the taste. On a monthly basis HVF voluntarily mandates additional testing of each cow via the Dairy Herd Information Association (DHIA) for the same SCC criteria. This information is on a national registry for public viewing.

For optimum flavor and quality, we do not ultra-pasteurize our milk. We pasteurize for only 20 seconds at 166 degrees. That’s in contrast to much of the industrial AND organic milk which is ultra-pasteurized, meaning heated to 280F – changing not only the flavor of the milk but the nature of the protein. This process unnaturally extends the milk’s shelf life and renders it flavorless. With higher somatic cell counts, the other milks need to be ultra pasteurized at this temperature to remove the undesirable enzymes which rise proportionally with the somatic cell count.

HVF never has and never will use artificial hormones like recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST) or recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), which are used in cattle to stimulate milk production for a large proportion of America’s commercial milk supply.

It our mission to secure living wages for our farmers and their families. By ensuring a fair price for our farmers’ goods, we keep those farmers in business, which means preventing the loss of their land to development. Our Hudson Valley Fresh farms are currently preserving 8,000 acres of open land.

Products Overview: Milk, cream

Certifications & Production Methods: Kosher (audited), No artificial additives (unaudited)

Products: Dairy & Soy

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