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The sun nourishes the soil, the soil the grass, each blade is a solar panel which nourishes the animals, and our lovely livestock then nourish us. We are grateful to steward this eternal cycle, ethically, seasonally and sustainably.

Products Overview: Pastured Organic Heritage Eggs, Pastured Organic Whole Roasters, Pastured Organic Stewing Hens, Grass Raised Grass Finished Angus DryAged Beef, Raw Milk, Raw Cream, Raw Butter, Raw ButterMilk, Raw Yoghurt, Raw Kefir, Raw Cheeses, Raw Whey.

Certifications & Production Methods: 100% Grass Fed, Animal Welfare Approved, Beyond Organic, Certified Organic, Cheeses aged for 60+ days, Pasture Raised, USDA Approved Processing Plants (audited)

Products: Meat, Dairy & Soy, Eggs

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