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We are John & Pat Sondgeroth, fourth generation farmers on our century-old family farm. We raise and process piedmontese beef. Our cattle are grass-fed and finished on non-GMO corn silage, also raised by us on our farm. We are well-known at Chicagoland farmers' markets having been selling our beef at various markets for the past 15 years. We do not use added growth hormones nor sub-therapeutic antibiotics. We own and operate our own USDA-inspected processing facility in order to guarantee 100% traceability to our farm and to ensure quality and consistency. Additionally, we incorporate multiple sustainable practices on our farm according to our USDA Department of Natural Resources CSP Program.

Products Overview: American Humane Certified piedmontese beef cuts

Certifications & Production Methods: Certified Humane, HACCP, No artificial additives (unaudited), USDA Approved Processing Plants (audited)

Products: Meat

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