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The Greenmarket Regional Grains Project is partnering with farmers, millers, bakers and restaurants to help re-establish grain production in the Northeast by building the marketplace for new and very old varieties of grains grown and milled in the region. The result is a blossoming Northeast grains economy with new infrastructure and distribution networks, and hundreds of new acres being planted in nutrient-dense, delicious grains that rebuild the soil.

Products Overview: Local grains and flours grown and milled in the northeast including: - The ancient grains emmer, spelt and einkorn, both whole berries and flours - The heritage wheats Red Fife and Frederick, both whole berries and flours - Dry beans - Oats from Maine Grains - Cornmeal and Polenta - Stone-ground flours from Farmer Ground Flour

Certifications & Production Methods: Certified Organic, Kosher (audited)

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