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Go Green was founded in 2009 in Pierre Jr.'s dorm room while studying computer science at UC Riverside. Inspired by his dad to become an entrepreneur and by a college professor conducting hydroponic research for NASA, Pierre decided to become the first farmer in his family. Pierre raised a little money form his parents, friends, and family to build a demonstration farm while also taking on his Masters in Business from UC San Diego's Rady School of Management. In this environment, our young founder met investors who believed in his vision and invested in Go Green. Today Go Green has become one of the largest organic-hydroponic producers in the U.S. with mom, dad, sister and brother working together to achieve the Go Green Mission.

Products Overview: Green Butter Lettuce, Red Butter Lettuce, and Upland Cress.

Certifications & Production Methods: Certified Organic, Global GAP (audited), HACCP, Non-GMO

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