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Flocktown Farm began as a backyard garden in 2012. Back then it was called Gristmill Grange, named after the road leading to my parents house where we first started growing. Joe and I grew up friends hiking and climbing the local hills, rocks, and fields of northern New Jersey; feeling a deep connection with the natural environment of our home state. After high school we went our separate ways, both studying philosophy in college but eventually found ourselves back in New Jersey — stewards and advocates for the open space we so love. After a successful summer, we found the perfect place to expand our backyard garden into a full-fledged farm; a secluded 10 acre field with soft, well-drained and fertile soil on top of Schooleys Mountain. Like our original name, Flocktown Farm was taken from the road on which the next phase of our adventure began.

Based in Long Valley, NJ Flocktown Farm provides organically and sustainably grown produce and free-range eggs to Northern New Jersey. We are dedicated to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) as well as specialty food sales to local restaurants. Flocktown Farm employs strict organic management practices alongside innovative cultural and ecological design to grow healthy, high quality food for our community.

Products Overview: Produce

Certifications & Production Methods: Beyond Organic, Cage Free/Free Roaming/Crate Free, Pasture Raised

Products: Eggs, Vegetables

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