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What Eridani Crops Can Do For Your Restaurant-

At Eridani Crops, we make it easier for you to buy fresh, produce locally around Washington DC. Here’s why:

• Deliver Produce To Your Restaurant On Harvest Day: Our farm is located in Centreville, Virginia. As long your restaurant is within 150 miles from our location, we’re able to deliver your produce on time. The produce will be fresher and last longer than produce from big produce vendors.

• No GMO, No Pesticides Sprayed: Not a single seed we grow at Eridani Crops is GMO. Everything is 100% “any-cide” free & fresh. We found other ways to prevent bugs and diseases to touch our produce –so no pesticides are needed.

• The Produce You Need Is Always Available: It’s known that local farmers may experience a supply shortage of certain crops such as lettuce and tomatoes. At Eridani Crops, we use a different type of farming called hydroponic farming. Hydroponic farming allows us to produce 5-6 times more crops than local farmers. We also have relationships with other local farmers to cover supply if a problem arises.

• Consistent Quality: Our CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) practices lead to a high quality and repeatable product from week to week. From Jan-Dec we have all the variables dialed in so each delivery is the exact same as the previous week, which is always the high quality produce you expect.

Our focus is fresh hyper-local produce.

We deliver to homes, restaurants and grocery stores that are never more than 150 miles from where the produce is grown. We harvest the produce in the morning and it often reaches its destination that afternoon.

We are Hydroponic Farmers.

The plants never touch soil. Using this method we can easily grow our crops without the use of pesticides, use 95% less water than conventional farming, increase our yields 6 times that of conventional farming, and bypass any possible soil borne pathogens.

Products Overview: Delivered within 24 hours of harvest: Micro, Salad, and Leafy Greens.

Products: Vegetables

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