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We make food we can serve our family. We source our ingredients locally, when we can. For citrus, we buy from warmer states. We know which farm, and sometimes the particular field or grove, that all of our ingredients come from. We grow some of our own spices. We're even making some of our own pectin. We believe that everything that goes into our products, and then into our bodies, must be true and real.

We do not like fake food, nor do we make fake food. We do not use additives or fillers. We do not use imported Chinese ginger. We do not use pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables. We do not buy our jars and labels from overseas.

We do buy our jars from an American manufacturer. We use American manufactured lids, boxes and labels. When we make up baskets, we shred recycled paper as basket filler. We support our local economy, and local communities. That's simply how we role.

We stand over steaming pots of jam every single day and night. We hand cut our marmalade. We hand stir all of our products. We produce everything in small batches to exert extreme control over each batch. We do not co-pack, as we feel that co-packing changes the quality of the product.

When other people need a break, we're still stirring our jams with long wooden spoons. We want to share the love we feel when we make good, real food. Everyone should feel this.

A little jam goes a long way, especially when it's packed with goodness and flavor.

Products Overview: Jam and marmalade

Certifications & Production Methods: No artificial additives (unaudited)

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