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We have a brood cow herd of about 40 cows, with an additional 60 head of steers, heifers and calves, currently we would like to harvest 2-4 animals a month for beef . The animals we finish for meat are on a combination of grass and corn about 60/40 and are usually harvested at 24 to 30 months of age. None are given antibiotics or hormones. All of our animals enjoy being raised in a pasture setting not a crowded feed lot. Animals harvested are 100% black angus cattle which basically speaks for itself in the market place. We work hard to put out a quality and consistent product so our restaurants and store can count on us. The animals harvested for meat are taken only a few short miles to a USDA inspected slaughter house. After processing the meat is available in packaged cuts or primals for our customers.

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