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Clawhammer Farm is located in Lisle, NY, at the Northern tip of Broome County. Nick and Becky'€™s 30 acres were once part of a large dairy farm, which over the years has been parceled out into smaller plots. In country-talk, Clawhammer Farm is known as a "hard luck"€ farm, as it'€™s situated almost entirely on a hill and swampy valley. Nick and Becky are slowly rehabilitating the land from years of neglect, one of the most rewarding and difficult aspects of their venture.

Pigs on the farm are heritage crosses (mostly Hampshire/Large Black/Duroc/Tamworth), rotationally grazed on pasture and fed corn, soy and whey. Chickens are Cornish crosses, raised in Joel Salatin-style chicken tractors, moved daily to fresh pasture, and processed by hand on the farm. In addition to pigs and chickens, the farm raises other fowl (ducks, guinea hens, and turkeys) seasonally.

Clawhammer is also partnered with Autumns Harvest Farm in Romulus, NY, distributing grass-fed and sustainably raised pigs and chickens to NY Metro area.

Fresh pastured chickens are available May through November, while frozen chickens that have been frozen the day of slaughter are sold through the winter. Pigs and cows are available year-round by the half, whole, and butchered cuts, and eggs are gathered daily from chicken nests and sold year-round.

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