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The Creamery is located on the multi-generational Chaseholm Farm, just outside of Pine Plains, NY. The Creamery was founded in 2007 when Rory Chase returned home to the farm and started making cheese. Retrofitting a barn his grandfather built in the early 30s to serve as Cheesemaking Plant and Aging Cave. The Creamery is one of only a handful of Farmstead outfits producing cow’s milk cheese from their farm’s own herd, in the state of New York. Chaseholm crafts a number of different styles of cheese, most out of the French Tradition…….

including the extra creamy, extra eponymous, ‘Chaseholm Camembert’.

….as well as, a soft ripened cousin to Camembert, the Chaource style ‘Moonlight’; hand shaped into logs, rolled in sea salt and vegetable ash, just shy of a double cream.

…the Creamery also produces a set of soft, ‘boursin’ style ‘Herbed Farmers Cheese’ in several flavors, including Basil and Garlic, Dill, Horseradish, and just plain Sea Salt.

…as well as, a smear ripened cheese, in the ‘stinky’ family… “Red Beard”, washed with hard cider and finished with an apple brandy. Big nose, big flavor.

….and, the Raw Milk, Tomme style, ‘Stella Vallis’ (Star of the Valley). these ~6 Lb Wheels are aged three to four months.

….. a second Raw Milk Cheese is ‘Alpage’, an alpine style reminiscent of Gruyere, aged a minimum of ten long months; both these cheeses have edible, washed rinds.

….lastly, the Creamery produces ‘Queso Blanco’, the Latin classic, in either Sea Salt, Herbs d Provence, or Chili Pepper… great to cook with, it wont melt under heat and crisps up in the pan.

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