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Central Valley Farm was founded in 1948 by Isaac T. Huff. The farm is located on the same property now as it was then in beautiful Bethlehem Township in Hunterdon County NJ. The Huff family has been farming in the area for over 100 years. Isaac started Central Valley Farm as a dairy farm and eventually his son, James Huff, took over for him. 3rd generation, Edward Huff, then took over from his father. He started out as a dairy farm and over the years transformed into the produce farm that we are today. Today the farm is being run by 4th generation Brian Huff. Edward still works daily on the farm with his son. While Central Valley Farm still has a small dairy herd, and carries dairy products, we have also expanding our farm to include a full line of produce, herbs and cut flowers. Central Valley Farm also raises laying chickens for farm fresh brown eggs.

The produce that you get from us is grown as naturally as possible. Everything that we grow is NON GMO. Our farming practices include some organic standards. We use natural fertilizer products. We are a minimum spray farm using IMP Pest management which includes crop rotation.

Products Overview: Produce, eggs, cheese

Certifications & Production Methods: Cage Free/Free Roaming/Crate Free, Cheeses aged for 60+ days, Non-GMO

Products: Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy & Soy, Eggs

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