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Asian vegetables - Japanese Red Giant MustardBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Berries - BlackberriesBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Berries - BlueberriesBeautiful EdiblesAvailable middle of July until middle of August
Cabbage - Cour Di Bue CabbageBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Cabbage - Red Express Cabbage - Dwarf 6-8 oz HeadBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Edible - Elder FlowerBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Edible - Anise Hyssop Flowers and LeavesBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Edible - Buzz ButtonsBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Greens - Beet GreensBeautiful EdiblesAvailable beginning of May until end of July
Herbs - CilantroBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Herbs - Sweet Basil ClipppingsBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Herbs - Thai BasilBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Kale - Tuscan or Lacinato KaleBeautiful EdiblesAvailable middle of May until middle of July
Mustard greens - Florida Broad LeafBeautiful EdiblesComing soon
Spinach - SpinachComing soon
Tomatoes - Mixed Heirloom Cherry TomatoesAvailable beginning of June until end of September
Tomatoes - Heirloom MixedAvailable end of June until end of September
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Beautiful Edibles grows healthy, fresh, local food for our community using ecological and sustainable practices year round. We are dedicated to bringing great products to our markets and providing consistent quality products. 

Products Overview: Unique and Select Varieties of Gourmet Greens, Edible Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables and Mushrooms.

Certifications & Production Methods: Beyond Organic, Non-GMO, Pesticide-Free

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Beautiful Edibles


Oasis Farms


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