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Create your own availability calendar to show buyers your product availability for the whole year!

Let buyers access this info online (optional) as part of your FarmersWeb profile page, or download a PDF version to send to them. You can customize the info in case you want to create a special version to download and send to certain buyers.

Sign up below, then follow these steps to create your calendar:

First, create a product
Next, fill in availability dates (exact dates or ranges) for that product
Lastly, save your product and see it appear on your calendar
Later, you can come back and edit this product info as well as which products you want to show up on the calendar

Your Availability Calendar, once you enable this setting, is its own section of your profile page which buyers can view online. Use your vanity URL link to direct them there (example: Or download your PDF version from the Availability section in your account.

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