AgSquared and FarmersWeb now work together!

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Coordination between your harvests and sales just got a whole lot easier!

Communication between the farming side of your business and the sales part of your business is a crucial part of having a successful operation. Those in the field need direction from those doing sales in order to know what to harvest and when. And those doing sales need good communication from those in the field to know what’s available and currently freshest. But coordinating these two ends of your business can be time consuming, inefficient, and full of challenges.

In an effort to make the selling process and farming process work together seamlessly, AgSquared and FarmersWeb now work together, so that information can easily translate from the field, to the sales team, and to the customer. Everyone is updated on what’s available, what needs to be harvested, and what’s coming next. And the best part is that you don’t have to jump from software to software – your information automatically flows between AgSquared and FarmersWeb.

With this integration, you can:

Create plantings in AgSquared and sync them to your FarmersWeb account, so everything that is planted is ready to be sold when its season arrives

Send your harvest projections from AgSquared to FarmersWeb, so your availability list for buyers is based off the most accurate and recent data

Send order data from FarmersWeb to AgSquared, so your sales team can easily inform your field crew and they can harvest to meet sales needs

Keep track of your progress in harvesting to meet your orders over the course of the day

Use order information from FarmersWeb to help maintain planting data and know your field inventory levels in AgSquared

Use sales data to inform your plantings for next season

Sync Plantings from AgSquared to FarmersWeb

Fw ag2 import

Send order data from FarmersWeb back AgSquared

Ag2 mobile

Integration with Ag2 is only available on FarmersWeb's Enterprise level plan. Contact us for details or sign-up for another plan type below to get started with FarmersWeb and let us know you'd like to sync your Ag2 account.



  • Give buyers 24/7 access to your real time and "coming soon" product availability
  • A vanity URL link to send to buyers so they can view your product listing
  • Access our Guide to Working with Wholesale Buyers
  • Add-Ons

    Availability Calendar: show your buyers what's available throughout the year & update the dates as the season gets closer. +$9/mo
  • Product Catalog: create a PDF product catalog to e-mail or print for your buyers. +$5/mo



$109.00 / month
No setup fees

  • Give buyers 24/7 access to your current and coming soon product availability
  • Allow buyers to view a 12 month availability calendar
  • Accept online payments by credit and debit card
  • Work with buyers who don’t pay by credit card
  • Create and manage orders buyers place by phone, email, text, or in person
  • Create invoices for buyers
  • Give select buyers "terms" to order online but pay offline later
  • Create unlimited custom delivery routes and pickup locations
  • View and download detailed sales reports
  • Choose from our list of add on features

1 month free trial

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CSA Plus


$199.00 / month
No setup fees

  • All Unlimited plan type features plus:
  • Manage CSA customer lists
  • Create and manage various types of flexible CSA subscriptions
  • Offer CSA add ons
  • Special pick and pack lists for CSA
  • Create orders for your CSA customers
  • Accept online and offline payments
  • Access CSA sales reports

1 month free trial

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Custom Accounts

  • Contact us today to learn more about creating a custom account type
  • Select a curated list of features that's right for your farm
  • Request specific new features for us to build for your custom account type


  • For use with Unlimited and CSA Plus plans
  • Choose from the list of advanced features below:
  • Create products only select buyer(s) can see +$24/mo
  • Create lot numbers and use a traceability system to track products from farm to buyer +$34/mo
  • List multiple case sizes of a product for sale and have sales pull from one shared inventory +$24/mo
  • Delivery route optimization +$24/mo
  • Customizable invoices & packing slips +$19/mo
  • Integration with Quickbooks Online +$39/mo
  • Ask us about creating specific features for your farm