About FarmersWeb Farm Management Software Company

FarmersWeb was founded on the belief that technology can help play a role in moving us towards a more localized and sustainable food system. One that will involve buyers working directly with many small to mid sized farms.

Software designed for and dedicated to the small to mid sized farm can streamline its operations and create efficiencies that enable these small businesses to work with as many buyers as production will allow.

The features, design, and fee structure of FarmersWeb developed from helping small to mid sized farms work with their buyers over the past several years. Every day examples and feedback from real farms formed how and what we do and continues to do so today.

Replacing an industrialized food system with a local one will not be easy and software like ours is only a part of the ultimate solution. However, this goal is counting on the ability of the small to mid sized farm to be in the best position possible to be able to work with many buyers. Software designed for this purpose can therefore be a key catalyst in the support and advancement of a localized food system.

- The FarmersWeb Team